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Adresse :  Trajanstrasse 4, Xanten, 46509, Allemagne
Téléphone :  +49 2801 712 0
Télecopie :  +49 2801 712 149
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About 100 AD the Roman Emperor Trajan conferred municipal status (colonia) upon a settlement on the lower Rhine. It was named "Colonia Ulpia Traiana".

Nowadays experts are excavating the traces of the town. The results of these archaeological investigations can be seen in the Archaeological Park, in the form of "life-sized" reconstructions on the historical original sites. The presented period is the 2d century AD. Reconstructed are: city wall, towers, one of the major gates, harbour temple, roman inn, a private bath house.

Permanent archaeological excavations can be visited. The original ruins of the main town baths can be visited in a protective building, which reflects the form of the ancient building.

The museum (today located in the centre of the modern town of Xanten) shows the main finds of the roman period. They are found mainly on two sites: the civil town "Colonia Ulpia Traiana" and the legionary castle "Castra Vetera".

A new museum will be erected soon inside of the Archaeological Park (opening 2008). The Archaeological Park is open to the public all year. Every Sunday different programs especially for families are offered. Every two years in spring/early summer there is a big event with reenactors (about 15.000 visitors for one weekend). Guided tours can be booked at the tourist information.

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Researches are published in "Xantener Berichte", actually 1-13.